Andrew J. Long

KICP Fellow

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2012

KICP Publications
2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015

  1. "Six Flavor Quark Matter", arXiv:1804.10249 (Apr 2018)
    Yang Bai, Andrew J. Long
  2. "Cosmological Aspects of the Clockwork Axion", arXiv:1803.07086 (Mar 2018)
    Andrew J. Long
  3. "Gravitational leptogenesis, reheating, and models of neutrino mass", Physical Review D, Volume 97, Issue 4, id.043511 (Feb 2018)
    Peter Adshead, Andrew J. Long, Evangelos I. Sfakianakis
  4. "Neutrino mass priors for cosmology from random matrices", Physical Review D, Volume 97, Issue 4, id.043510 (Feb 2018)
    Andrew J. Long, Marco Raveri, Wayne Hu, Scott Dodelson
  1. "Electroweak sphaleron with dimension-six operators", Physical Review D, Volume 96, Issue 11, id.115018 (Dec 2017)
    Xucheng Gan, Andrew J. Long, Lian-Tao Wang
  2. "Superheavy dark matter through Higgs portal operators", Physical Review D, Volume 96, Issue 10, id.103540 (Nov 2017)
    Edward W. Kolb, Andrew J. Long
  3. "Baryogenesis at a lepton-number-breaking phase transition", Journal of High Energy Physics, Volume 2017, Issue 10, article id.95, 31 pp (Oct 2017)
    Andrew J. Long, Andrea Tesi, Lian-Tao Wang
  1. "Evolution of the baryon asymmetry through the electroweak crossover in the presence of a helical magnetic field", Physical Review D, Volume 94, Issue 12, id.123509 (Dec 2016)
    Kohei Kamada, Andrew J. Long
  1. "Morphology of blazar-induced gamma ray halos due to a helical intergalactic magnetic field", Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, Issue 09, article id. 065, (2015) (Sep 2015)
    Andrew J. Long, Tanmay Vachaspati