Macarena Lagos

KICP Fellow

Ph.D., Imperial College London, 2017

KICP Publications
  1. "General theories of linear gravitational perturbations to a Schwarzschild Black Hole", arXiv:1711.01992 (Nov 2017)
    Oliver J. Tattersall, Pedro G. Ferreira, Macarena Lagos
  2. "A general theory of linear cosmological perturbations: stability conditions, the quasistatic limit and dynamics", arXiv:1711.09893 (Nov 2017)
    Macarena Lagos, Emilio Bellini, Johannes Noller, Pedro G. Ferreira, Tessa Baker
  3. "Strong constraints on cosmological gravity from GW170817 and GRB 170817A", arXiv:1710.06394 (Oct 2017)
    Tessa Baker, Emilio Bellini, Pedro G. Ferreira, Macarena Lagos, Johannes Noller, Ignacy Sawicki