KICP Seminars & Colloquia, Summer 2017

Seminar schedule for Summer 2017
July 26, 2017
Open Group seminar
Santiago Casas
CEA Paris-Saclay
Dark Energy with Euclid   [Abstract]

  • July 26, 2017 | 12:00 PM | ERC 401 | Open Group seminar
    Dark Energy with Euclid
    Santiago Casas, CEA Paris-Saclay

    Euclid is an ESA medium-class mission expected to launch in 2022 that will map the geometry of the Universe by imaging 109 galaxies and measuring 107 galaxy redshifts in 15000 square degrees of the sky. This will provide us detailed information about the accelerated expansion, the evolution of large-scale structure and the matter-energy content of the Universe up to a redshift of about z ≈ 2. In this talk, I will review how the main probes of Euclid, namely galaxy clustering and weak lensing, will be able to constrain theories beyond the standard cosmological ΛCDM model and how we will be able to pin down the equation of state of dark energy with about 1% precision. Galaxy clustering measures mainly the movement of tracers along geodesics, while weak lensing is an almost direct mapping of the gravitational potentials at large scales. Using both of these observables, we can obtain valuable information about the growth of perturbations and the geometrical quantities of the Universe and therefore constrain the properties of General Relativity. Since the measurements of Euclid will also give insights on the properties of dark matter and neutrinos at cosmological scales, I will also show how we can measure non-standard couplings between matter species and dark energy and how we can give tight constraints on many alternative theories of gravity.