Predictions of Cold Dark Matter models on small scales:
current and future tests

July 31-August 2, 2002

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Workshop organized by the
Center for Cosmological Physics
University of Chicago

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The goal of this workshop was to discuss the current status of theoretical predictions and observational tests of Cold Dark Matter (CDM) models on sub-galactic scales. The workshop brought together about 40 international participants which included particle theorists, observational astronomers, and cosmologists of various kinds. The format combined relatively short (25-30 min) talks with breaks for informal discussion. The list of the topics discussed includes

Structural propeties of dark matter halos
Dynamics of luminous and dark matter in galactic halos
Galaxy formation in CDM scenarios
Dynamics of bars in CDM halos
Observational constraints from galactic rotation curves
Observational signatures of dark matter
Constraints from strong and weak lensing
Direct DM detection experiments

The workshop took place at the University of Chicago campus in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago and lasted three days, from the morning (9AM) of Wednesday, July 31th 2002 till the evening of Friday (about 4PM), August 2nd.


Kev Abazajian (Fermilab)
Roberto Aloisio (INFN-LNGS)
Eric Barnes (Rutgers)
Andreas Berlind (U.Chicago)
Pasquale Blasi (Arcetri)
Leo Blitz (Berkeley)
Pedro Colín (UNAM)
Victor Debattista (Basel)
Avishai Dekel (Jerusalem)
Scott Dodelson (Fermilab)
David Johnston (Chicago)
Paolo Gondolo (CWRU)
Oleg Gnedin (STScI)
Lam Hui (Fermilab)
Anatoly Klypin (NMSU)
Neal Katz (UMass)
Chuck Keeton (U. Chicago)
Arthur Kosowsky (Rutgers)
                      Andrey Kravtsov (U. Chicago)
Stacy McGaugh (U. of Maryland)
Milos Milosavljevic (Rutgers)
Angela Olinto (U.Chicago)
Joel Primack (UC Santa Cruz)
Jerry Sellwood (Rutgers)
Felix Stoehr (MPA)
Argyro Tasitsiomi (U.Chicago)
Michael Turner (U.Chicago)
Monica Valluri (CfCP, U.Chicago)
Licia Verde (Rutgers)
Ben Wandelt (Illinois)
Risa Wechsler (U.Mich.)
Martin Weinberg (UMass)
Bruce Winstein (U.Chicago)
Brian Yanny (Fermilab)
Andrew Zentner (Ohio State)


Workshop program can be found here

Online Presentations


Slideshow of the workshop pictures.


University of Chicago
The workshop took place at the University of Chicago, in the Enrico Fermi Institute (EFI) room RI480 (4th floor)


Andrey Kravtsov (, Angela Olinto , Michael Turner

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Top images credit: Roberto Aloisio, Pasquale Blasi, Angela Olinto, Andrey Kravtsov
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