KICP Visitor Program
Dear prospective visitor,

We have an active program of visitors to our Institute. In keeping with our mission, we encourage and support visits from scientists who have interests, or who wish to develop interests, in several of the areas in which we do research. This helps the cross-fertilization that we find important for advances in Cosmological Physics. If you would like to visit our Institute, please contact any of our members or fill in a Visitor application form.

We encourage longer visits which typically involve collaborative activities with a number of Institute members. Financial support will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. For administrative purposes, we have 3 classes of visitors: "short term", "long term", and "seminar/colloquium".

  • Short term
    Visits are range from 3 days to 2 weeks.
  • Long term
    Visits are anything over 2 weeks; these require special university approval and thus take a longer time for approval.
  • Seminar/Colloquium
    Visits for those invited to speak at either one of our regular forums or for special seminars. Such visits are usually for a day or two and we typically cover travel expenses (sharing economy class airfare among institutions to the extent possible) and up to two nights lodging.

On our List of KICP Visitors pages, you can find out who is currently visiting and who has visited us in the recent past.

Thanks for your interest in the KICP,

KICP Visitors & Symposia Committee.

Jiayi Liu
My main research area is cosmology spanning from cosmological parameter constrain to cluster selection in large survey. By visiting the KICP, I enstrengthen the connection with the South Pole Telescope team. We forge ahead on joint cluster finder based on sub-mm and optical wavebands data. The weekly group discussion helps me to share thoughts and compare methods to improve our result. Also the creative people and collaborative environment point my future work in multiple directions. I am looking forwards to a fruitful year at KICP. Here I want to thank Prof John Carlstrom for offering me the visit. Also thank Thomas Crawford, Lindsey Bleem and William High for those instructive discussion we had.

Andreas Albrecht
Professor of Physics, University of California, Davis
I'm having a great time here at KICP on my sabbatical. I'm enjoying the diverse range of great colleagues to interact with, and the numerous stimulating visitors. I'm also really enjoying the large number of lively postdocs and students. The young people here seem especially curious about lots of different topics, not just their specialty. No doubt this is a reflection of the interdisciplinary vision of the KICP.

Visitor's Statistics
Number of KICP visitors (2001 - 2020)

 3: [3/0/0]
 53: [36/14/3]
 55: [41/11/3]
 43: [30/12/1]
 50: [30/17/3]
 70: [42/23/5]
 85: [35/46/4]
 77: [36/33/8]
 81: [43/32/6]
 76: [35/34/7]
 70: [33/30/7]
 53: [36/14/3]
 68: [39/26/3]
 74: [40/30/4]
 53: [28/21/4]
 53: [26/24/3]
 50: [22/21/7]
 41: [19/13/9]
 52: [15/24/13]
 11: [3/7/1]

Seminar/Colloquium Speakers; Shot Term Visitors; Long Term Visitors;

Top 10 Institutions of KICP visitors (2001 - 2020)

Princeton University 
 46: [27/18/1]
California Institute of Technology 
 35: [28/7/0]
University of Pennsylvania 
 27: [9/17/1]
University of California, Berkeley 
 23: [16/7/0]
Yale University 
 21: [13/8/0]
University of Michigan 
 20: [8/8/4]
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 
 19: [13/6/0]
Stanford University 
 18: [11/6/1]
Harvard University 
 17: [15/2/0]

Seminar/Colloquium Speakers; Shot Term Visitors; Long Term Visitors;