Goals: To use cosmological physics and the Center environment to broaden participation in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) workforce, prepare the next generation of teacher/scholars, and advance the public understanding and appreciation of science.
KICP's Education & Outreach Programs seek to share the excitement of discovery with broad and diverse audiences. Our programming is inspired by the scientific passions of Center members, but grounded in educational best practices and practicalities of urban outreach. KICP programming is designed with special attention to groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences and to create meaningful opportunities for researcher involvement. Strong collaborative partnerships combined with in-house educational expertise and the active participation of Center members allow KICP to offer creative and substantive programs that have lasting and measurable impacts. The Center also strives to broadly share and disseminate information about successful efforts with both the research and education communities. (e.g. see NSTA 2010 feature and examples of EOD publications/presentations)
The Center enables a wide variety of education and outreach programs and opportunities, however the core of the KICP's efforts are concentrated in three Signature Programs, with a crosscutting interest in scientific visualization.
  • Cosmology Short Courses - pioneering professional development for museum and planetarium staff designed to help bring current research into the museum and classroom
  • Museum Partnerships - collaborations with museums to create exhibits, shows, and programming that share cosmological research with broad and diverse audiences
  • Space Explorers - multifaceted, multi-year commitment to inner city, minority, precollege students that includes interactions with the KICP community, laboratory experiences, and residential science institutes at Yerkes Observatory

New Media & Scientific Visualization can eliminate barriers and make ongoing research engaging and accessible. KICP is active in the development of visual resources and in the fostering a community of developers/users.
Examples of KICP efforts: