Cosmin Deaconu

KICP Associate fellow, The University of Chicago
Contact Information
Phone: (773) 702-7862
Location: ERC 491
Ongoing Scientific Projects:
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KICP Publications
2017 | 2016 | 2015

Latest Journal Publications
  1. "Dynamic tunable notch filters for the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA)", arXiv:1709.04536 (Sep 2017)
  2. "Antarctic Surface Reflectivity Measurements from the ANITA-3 and HiCal-1 Experiments", Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation, Volume 6, Issue 2, id. 1740002-213 (n/a 2017)
  3. "Readout technologies for directional WIMP Dark Matter detection", Physics Reports, Volume 662, p. 1-46 (Nov 2016)
  4. "Characteristics of Four Upward-Pointing Cosmic-Ray-like Events Observed with ANITA", Physical Review Letters, Volume 117, Issue 7, id.071101 (Aug 2016)
  5. "Development Toward a Ground-Based Interferometric Phased Array for Radio Detection of High Energy Neutrinos", arXiv:1605.03525 (May 2016)

Latest Conference Proceedings
  1. "Site Characterization and Detector Development for the Greenland Neutrino Observatory", Proceedings of the 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC2015). 30 July - 6 August, 2015. The Hague, The Netherlands. Online at, id.1150 (Jul 2015)